The Soviet Headquarters sensible the bad situation around Štúrovo immediately began to move their forces toward this town from the area around Budapest.

On 21st February 1945 at down 1st SS Tank Division “LAH” supported by infantrymen of 46th Infantry Division attacked the village of Kamenný Most. In consequence of very good prepared Soviet defense the German units suffered heavy casualties and the village was not seized. After sunset Germans repeated the attack against the village and at 9 p.m. they captured it. In the night at 10.30 p.m. 44th RGD HuD together with the heavy tanks of the Tank Group “Feldherrnhalle” attacked the positions of Soviet forces in the south from the village of Bruty and destroyed a few Soviet T-34 tanks, self-propelled guns and 25 anti-tanks guns. After the loss of 3 Tiger B tanks the German forces retreated. Since the morning of 22nd February 1945 Soviets sowed a strong resistance in the rest area of the bridgehead. German forces were cleaning up the captured territory from rest of Soviet units. Heavy combat continued to capture the village of Bruty which was held by strong Soviet units including the tanks. The Soviet tanks retreated to the village Bíòa because the Soviet infantry left them alone in the village. The village of Bruty became the place of heavy combat for a few hours. Soviets attacked the village from the direction near the village of Bíòa but German SS Tank Grenadiers held the village. 211th VGD attacked the village of Bruty from south. At the noon German forces cleaned up this sector from Soviet units. At this period of time Soviets held just the narrow territory between villages of Kamenín and Bíòa side by side of the riverbank of Hron. In the German Headquarters began the strong discussion about the situation of 1st SS Tank Corps which despite the fact that suffered heavy casualties fought successfully. Waffen SS Headquarters asked to retreat this Corps to replace its units by fresh units for the forthcoming tasks.

On 23rd February 1945 both sides re-grouped their units. In order to destroy the last narrow Soviet bridgehead on the west riverbank of Hron German Headquarters planned the night attack. The attack was planned on 24th February 1945 at 2.00 a.m. Germans after a short artillery bombardment attacked at fixed time. The heaviest combat took place near and in the village of Kamenín. Inside the village soldiers of both sides fought in the close combat against each other to capture each house in the village. The Soviets were pushed from the village in the late of afternoon. The Soviets held the bridge in the east of Kamenín but after all they blew it up and retreated. Soviet artillery from the east riverbank of Hron began the artillery barrage disregarding the retreat their forces to avoid of German froces´ advance across the river. Toward the village of Bíòa attacked 12th SS Tank Division. The village was captured at 8.30 a.m. and Soviets retreated on the east riverbank of Hron. When Germans approached the bridge across the Hron River Soviets blew it up. Cleaning of the village from the rest of Soviet resistance continued till afternoon.

Operation Südwind was finished around 5.20 p.m. when Headquarters of 8t German Army reported the destruction of Soviet bridgehead on Hron River to Army Group South and also OKH. This Operation was the last German successful action in this operational area before the last grand Soviet offensive toward towns of Bratislava and Brno to liberate Slovakia and southern part of the Czech Republic.

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