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Slovak fast division



  • Slovak Fast Group
  • Slovak Fast Brigade
  • Slovak Infantry Division


from 25 th June to December 1941 col. J. Turanec

from December 1941 to April 1942: col. A. Malár

from April to September 1942: gen. J. Turanec

from September 1942 to August 1943: col. Š. Jurech (later general)


  • Headquarters
  • 20th Infantry Regiment
  • 21st Infantry Regiment
  • 11th Artillery Regiment
  • 11th Reconnaissance Group
  • 2nd Signal Battalion
  • 11th Pioneer Battalion
  • 11th Mountain Artillery Battery
  • 12th Tank Battalion
  • 8th Anti-Aircraft Battery
  • 13th Anti-Aircraft Battery
  • 2 Heavy Supply Columns
  • Heavy Fuel Column
  • Bakery Company
  • Butcher Company
  • Division Administration
  • 11th Medical Company
  • 6th Field Post Office
  • 20th Military Police Detachment


The Division was established on 25 th June 1941 under the command of colonel Turanec. The main forces of the Division were two motorized infantry regiments and artillery regiment. During first days of the history of Slovak “Fast” Division it was subjected to XXXIVth Corps of Wehrmacht, which was a part of 6th Army of Armygroup “South” under the command of field marshal Von Rundstedt. 

The first operational task of the Division was carried out on 14 th September 1941 when relieved the 514 th Regiment of 294 th Division of Wehrmacht which patrolled on the riverbank of Dneper between villages Okrajinka and Chodosovka. Red Army tried to across the river on 16 th September 1941 but Slovaks warded off its soldiers. During next four days soldiers of the Division secured the riverbank of Dneper and captured 1,650 Soviet soldiers without their own casualties. On the second part of September 1941 the Division moved forward on east behind the first line's German units. In this period of time it was subjected to 2 nd Tank Corps of 1 st Tank Army leaded by field marshal Von Kleist. Near Krementchug the Division crossed Dneper River and at beginning of October 1941 took part at the encirclement of Soviet units near Azov Sea . During November 1941 the Division received the order to stop its advance to secure the beach of Azov Sea between Mariupol and Taganrog and this way to prevent the landing of Soviets from sea. At the end of November 1941 one Infantry Battalion of the Division and a few support units stayed on the beach of Azov Sea .  

Three Infantry Battalions and Artillery Brigade were ordered by XIV th Corps of Wehrmacht to establish defense line near Zelebok on Mius River . After establishments of the defense line it was object of strong Soviet attacks. Nevertheless the elements of the Division held their position and made a few counterattacks. In December 1941 the situation at this part of Eastern Front was stabilized and the Division could to establish new defense positions on the hills around the west riverbank of Mius. This time was the commander col. Turanec relieved by col. Malár who was experienced and popular officer. The Division stayed on the defense position more than seven months and held 12 kilometers long part of the front line, which was under systematic attacks of Red Army. During Christmas time 1941 Soviet units made massive attack supported by tanks but the Division retained its part of the front line. Soviet attack continued until springtime of 1942.

The next operational task was ordered on 19 th July 1942 . On 22 nd July 1942 the units of Division captured the town of Rostov on River of Don . Armygroup “South” marched to Stalingrad very quickly and the Division under the command of XIVth Corps was also successful. Until the end of September 1942 the elements of the Division moved along 800 kilometers. The former commander of the Division returned back (col. Turanec) for the short time but in September he was supplanted by col. Jurech, who was promoted to a general in December 1942. This time the Divisions occupied a defense position near Krasnodar and stayed there a few months. From Slovakia two platoons of tanks were moved to the Division (6 LT-38 and 6 LT-40).  

After huge Soviet offensive around Stalingrad in 1943 the Division retreated on the new defense position. However, after a short period of time the Division was moved to Krym. The casualties of the Division were serious as a material as soldiers. This time Germans delivered to the Division 1,000 Soviet rifles, 10 pieces of 82mm Soviet mortals and 14 pieces of 45mm Soviet antitank guns. The next task of the Division was a defense of passes called Perekop, Arbat and Salkev with harbors of Genitchevsk, Chorly and Sivas . On 1 st August 1943 the Division was disbanded.


  • The Division was the first unit of Axis forces, which created a bridgehead on the southern riverbank of Don.
  • Helmets of Slovak soldiers (helmet model 32 was produced in former Czechoslovakia) were marked with blue strip around of a low part of the helmet. Later this mark was added with two “Slovak White Crosses” on both sides of the helmet whereas the other Axis Forces considered Slovak soldiers are Soviet soldiers from far distance.

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