Germans opened the third front in the southwest region of Slovakia . This part of Slovakia was the operational area of SS Battle Group Schill. The first clash between Germans and Risers happened between villages of Zbehy and Čakajovce on 3 rd September 1944 . Defenders were pushed on the line Topolčany – Krnča but this line was also broken by armored units of SS Battle Group and the town of Topolčany was captured in the same day in the evening. SS Battle Group Schill kept Risers under the permanent pressure. From 4 th to 6 th September 1944 Germans captured Veľké Bielice, Baťovany and Skačany. The troops of 1 st Czechoslovak Army in Slovakia localized in this area planned counterattack on 9 th September 1944 but they were run over SS units which broke their defense positions near the village of Malé Uherce . The same day Germans seized Oslany which was another bigger village in this military operational area. The actions of SS Battle Group Schill were typical presentations modern warfare tactic of it that a small but very good organized and equipped unit can defeat stronger but badly prepared counter partner.  

On 17 th September 1944 at the territory of Slovakia was moved 1 st Czechoslovak Fighter Regiment form Soviet Union . This unit was equipped by modern fighter planes LA-5FN. Pilots of the Regiment were experienced mostly from the Battle for Britain . The Uprising was during its first phase supported by 4 th Guard Brjansk Bomber Division consisted of 3 Regiments equipped by B-25 Mitchell bomber planes.


After reorganization of 1 st Czechoslovak Army in Slovakia into 6 Tactical Groups and some autonomous support units the situation of the Army improved. 2 nd Tactical Group successfully defended its part of frontline near the village of Telgárt . 6 th Tactical Group stopped an advance of German units around the village of Biely Potok in the south from the town of Ružomberok . 3 rd Tactical Group uncovered the presence of new and fresh 14 th SS Grenadier Division “Galizien” which was thrown into the battle in the southwest area. 5 th Tactical Group hold at bay the elements of 178 th Grenadier Division “Tatra”. The worst situation was in the sector of 4 th Tactical Group. The Group was demoralized by defeats suffered from SS Battle Group Schill. This SS Battle Group attacked again on 11 th September 1944 and destroyed defenders of the village of Zemianské Kostoľany . Risers retreated to the town of Nováky but they were not able to stop the advance of SS units. The next bigger town in this area Prievidza fell on 14 th September 1944 . This caused in the side

of Risers huge troubles because SS Battle Group Schill had opened a road toward the town of Handlová and this way was able to link with 187 th Grenadier Division “Tatra”. In terms of this situation 5 th Tactical Group realized several attacks against flanks of Division “Tatra”. On 15 th September 1944 in the northern sector after several attacks carried out SS Battle Group Schäfer Germans cleaned the valley near Kraľovany and the town of Ružomberok and liked Division “Tatra”. In this period of time the commander of Axis forces was replaced by new commander (see commander above) who worked out a new plan on a total liquidation of the Uprising. Germans began to replace their units to prepare them for the Grand Offensive. Meanwhile 2 nd Tactical Group of 1 st Czechoslovak Army in Slovakia on 21 st September 1944 carried out the massive attack in the northeast sector with positive result. Germans were pushed back to the town of Poprad . Units of 6 th Tactical Group also made some positive actions. They captured hill over the town of Ružomberok and bombarded the German positions in the town. At the same time they built up a strong defense position in valley of Revúca River .  

The German Grand Offensive began on 23 rd September 1944 . The heavy combats were noticed at all fronts of the Uprising. The success was achieved in the southwest sector where Germans captured the town of Svätý Kríž nad Hronom on 3 rd October 1944 . Division “Tatra” also achieved a success by capturing valley of Rakša on 4 th October 1944 . At the other parts of the front Germans did not achieved any significant successes. 1 st Czechoslovak Army in Slovakia was reinforced by 2 nd Czechoslovak Airborne Brigade moved from the Eastern Front by air. The transportation of this unit finished on 15 th October 1944 . On 7 th October 1944 the command of 1 st Czechoslovak Army in Slovakia was taken by gen. R. Viest. At the same time he issued the order for 2 nd Czechoslovak Airborne Brigade to re-capture the village of Jalná . The attack began on 10 th October 1944 and was successfully finished on 12 th October 1944 . This success temporarily stabilized the front in the southwest sector.  

Himmler was not satisfied by the progress of German units against Raisers and convened a meeting to Vienna in order to solve the unstable situation in Slovakia . After the meeting dies were cast.  

The last part of Grand Offensive began on 19 th October 1944 by a bombardment of the town of Banská Bystrica a centre of Uprising. The main strike was carried out by 18 th SS Grenadier Division “Horst Wessel” from Hungary and a part of SS Battle Group Schill from the west and south sector. The attack was so fast and intense that 1 st Czechoslovak Army in Slovakia was not able to stop the advance of German SS units. This situation caused also forthcoming successes in the north area. On 25 th October 1944 SS Brigade “Dirlewanger” destroyed Partisan units in valley of Nespaly and captured very important hill at the direct direction toward the town of Banská Bystrica , another Battalion of this SS Brigade advanced behind the village of Biely Potok and bypassed the strong defense position of Risers built it up for a few weeks.  

The worst situation was in the south and southeast sector where 18 th SS Division seized the town of Brezno and SS Battle Group Schill was pressing Risers to the town of Zvolen . On 26 th October 1944 the Headquarters of 1 st Czechoslovak Army in Slovakia was moved to Donovaly in the mountainous area over the town of Banská Bystrica which was abandoned without any fight. On 27 th October 1944 entered to the town units of SS Battle Group Schill followed by soldiers of 18 th SS Division.  

Gen. R. Viest issued the last order the Headqarters of 1 st Czechoslovak Army in Slovakia on 28 th October 1944 at four o'clock in the morning. He accepted the defeat of Army as an organized unit and challenged all soldiers to fight as partisans. This day is considered the last day of Slovak National Uprising.

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