Who we are 

Our Club (in the past Branch) was established in 2001 as the part of Slovak Association of Military History and shooters from historical weapons, established in 1992 in Bratislava. Since 1st of January 2004 we became an independent organization registered at the Department of Interior of the Slovak Republic under the registration number of the file: VVS/1-900/90-231 10.  

We focus our attention at the Military Operations which took place on the territory of the Slovak Republic especially during World War II (WWII). Our reenacting units represent the soldiers of ALLIED but also AXIS Forces which fought in the battles during WWII within the well known operations in Slovakia as were Carpathian – Dukla´s Operation in 1944, Slovak National Uprising in 1944, Battle for Festung Pressburg in 1945 etc. We have already organized eight reenacting events at the historically same places where Axis and Allied Armies fought against each other (more information you can find in the chapter “Our reenacting events”. Also, you can find there more information about forthcoming events which will be organized by our Club). For the future we would like to observe this standard to organize our all reenacting events at the official battlefields of WWII which can be found here at the territory of Slovakia.

Important notice:

Racism, political extremes, and illegal drug use are not tolerated by members of the Club. Misuse of weapons and equipment will not be tolerated. Each member of our Club must go through regular safety check in order to be aware and understanding of its role in the hobby. Mistreatment against any member of the Club (either full or auxiliary, as well as others) will not be tolerated. As a unit we will abide by strict standards and rules set fort by the Club, and other living history organizations on which event we will take part. We observe all provisions of laws and regulations issued in terms of usage of weapons and other equipment. All violations will be dismissed from the Club and, if necessary, would be reported to law enforcement.

  This is not a site of Nazi, Communistic or other extreme movement. Our hobby is an observation of WWII military history without any political influence!