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PERIOD OF THE DURATION  from 2nd to 4th April 1945
PLACE  Slovakia ( Southwest Slovakia )

Units moved to defense Festung Pressburg: 27 th , 98 th , 211 th , 287 th and 377 th German infantry Divisions; 983 rd German Safeguard Regiment; 145 th German Fortress Regiment; 23 rd and 24 th Hungarian Infantry Divisions; Small elements of Slovak Army (Anti-aircraft defense of Bratislava ) and Hlinka´s Guard; 12 Artillery Batteries of various calibers; 2 Armoured German Trains. The presence a few Waffen SS and Volkssturm units noticed.

Army Commander: col. C. Von Ohlen

Casualties (KIA, MIA, WIA): 5,500 soldiers approx.

7 th Guard Army of Red Army (23 rd Infantry Corps and 25 th Guard Infantry Corps): 19 th , 252 nd , 303 rd and 409 th Infantry Divisions; 25 th Guard Infantry Division; 4 th Guard Airborne Division; 48 th and 273 rd Storm Engineer Brigades;1 st and 2 nd Brigades of Danube River Military Fleet.

Army Commander: gen. col. M. S. Šumilov

Casualties (KIA ): 800 soldiers approx.

German Headquarters established town of Bratislava (Pressburg) as a fortress in December 1944 and they were decided to hold the town at all costs. Buildings in the town were converted into strong points and bunkers. Germans moved into the town probably 80 tanks and self-propelled guns in order to hold a heavy resistance against Soviet forces.  

The first fight began on 2 nd April 1945 at the outskirts of Bratislava . The Soviet units of 25 th Guard Infantry Corps captured the Mansion of Sprinzl and heavily fought to seize the railway station of Rača. At the same time the divisions of 23 rd Infantry Corps captured the villages of Podunajské Biskupice and Vrakuňa and in the evening began the forced crossing across Small Danube . The forthcoming task of Soviets units was to capture a few important parts of the town as Rača, Dynamite factory and Prievoz and after that to seize the hill of Koliba over the town and railway from the eastern part of the town straightforward the bridge across Danube River.  

On 3 rd April 1945 after half an hour bombardment the heavy combat began at Rača, Koliba, Dynamite Factory and Prievoz. The heaviest combat took place at Dynamite Factory (that time called as a small Stalingrad ) and at the part of the town called Prievoz. Along the road toward Rača and in the east from Rača German Headquarters used 15 tanks and 2 armoured trains to counterattack against attacking Soviet forces. Germans strengthened their defense positions at the outskirts of Bratislava . In the night from 2 nd to 3 rd April 1945 they blew up the sole bridge across the Danube River . The heavy combat lasted all day until the evening hours. Germans were retreating but not without a fight. For example in Prievoz the Soviet forces fought to capture each house and the enemy was forced to retreat toward the industrial area of Bratislava called Pálenisko but after a heavy pressure also left this part of the town and fell back to the down town of Bratislava.  

The battle for Bratislava culminated on 4 th April 1945 . The Soviets established the autonomous strong infantry units supported by tanks, guns or self-propelled guns used for the direct fire to destroy German strong points in the centre of the town which were fanatically held by German forces. At noon Soviets captured the hill of Koliba in the northern part of the town. Soviets units immediately advanced westward and a part of units turned its advance southward directly to the railway station of Bratislava . The attack to the back of the German units forced them to capitulate. Units of 23 rd Infantry Corps cleaned the middle of the town and captured the castle of Bratislava and further advanced toward the west skirt of the town. The town of Bratislava was liberated by Soviet units on 4 th April 1944 in the evening.

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